Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahhhh, I can breathe now…

I bought my first pair of maternity pants a few weeks ago. Until this morning they still had the tags on them because I was undecided and I felt they were too long. But as I ripped through my closet like a mad woman this morning, putting on and then throwing every pair of works pants that I owned across the room, I decided to bite the bullet and put on the maternity pants.

OMG… THIS is what I’ve  been missing?!

For the last month, I’ve been wearing my normal pants and leaving them unbuttoned at the top, and in the last week they’ve been very uncomfortable around my midsection. Today I slipped those glorious pants on and all felt right with the world. Or with my belly at least. I’ve been sucking out like a mofo today and I like to think that Niblet is content with my happiness too – and a lil’ extra room. J

So this week’s mission is to find some jeans and other casual maternity pants because I may or may not have had a massive “closet breakdown” on Saturday morning over having nothing to wear. (Neal has been sworn to silence on such an event.) Maternity clothes selection is slim and what is out there is expensive, so we’ll see. I’m keeping my eyes open and for any moms out there with suggestions – let me know!



  1. I got almost all of my maternity clothes on sale at Kohls. Target had some OK stuff, but Kohls was the best. The jeans were actually cute and not too long.
    --Kristina Latta Powell

  2. If it weren't taboo to wear maternity clothes when not pregnant, I would wear them. I loved the heck out of some stretchy waist bands!!

  3. You can also check consignment shops. Some carry maternity clothes and since most of these clothes aren't worn very long you can usually find some good deals. There used to be an entire maternity consignment store in the boro but I think it has since closed.