Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secrets, Secrets are no fun

When I first found out I was pregnant, it was all I could to keep from telling someone. Anyone! Holding it in for months was brutal. My husband and I agreed not to tell anyone until we had our first doctors appointment, but deep down I had the mentality of a middle school girl screaming to tell this lil’ embryonic secret. I quickly learned that I’m not the only one who has felt that way.

Just after I announced our big news, I had several, like literally 4-5 friends message me privately and tell me THEY were expecting too! They were very early in the pregnancy and not quite ready to announce it to the (Facebook) world, but they were itching to tell someone.

Its like us breeding girls have to stick together, you know?

I’ve found that talking about my pregnancy joys and pains can be annoying to those who haven’t had children, and so having someone who understands what I’m going through has been a huge help. I have a few friends, some that I didn’t even know that well before this, which I email with weekly to talk about what we’re going through. Most of us are first time expecting moms, so we “get” each other. Some of these friends are a little further along than me and some are several weeks behind me in our pregnancies. So I have someone I can talk to about what to expect in the coming weeks and then I pass down my knowledge of what I know and what I’ve learned to some behind me. It just kind of happened that way, but it’s been a huge blessing, too.

To me, sharing this experience with these women is even better than some of the books people suggest to me. Anyways, a special thanks to some of my other momma’s to be. Yall know who you are. J


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  1. Geez! Thanks a lot. I blogged about getting you a book this morning and you blog about,"ridiculous books people keep pushing on me."
    Now, I am emotional again.
    I hope you are happy.