Wednesday, March 2, 2011

She asked for it....

Some of you may know that my mother also blogs. If you have time to read it, she’s really quite funny and you don’t have to even know her to enjoy and understand her blog.

Well… I take that back, I’m her daughter and there’s still things I don’t understand about the woman. For instance, why she would insight a pregnant woman with blogs that make said pregnant woman appear to be one step away from foaming at the mouth?

For instance, take a minute and read her blog from yesterday: 

She basically blogged about my FUPA, without using the term FUPA! Who does that? Does ANY woman want people to be staring at her belly all the time – fetus or no fetus? I didn’t think so. My biggest fear is that I’ll end up on a local news channel one day where they’re talking about the obesity epidemic. You know what I’m talking about – the unsuspecting shoppers who are just out doing their thing and the cameraman suspiciously focuses on the neck down, all while talking about the irresponsible eating habits of Americans.

Now my own mother has published a blog for the world to see talking about my lower stomach. We have many friends/acquaintances in common, it would not surprise me if the next time I see one of these people that they awkwardly gawk at my stomach because they know how I feel about it. All thanks to my mother and her funny lil’ comedy routine.

I suppose I need to remember that after all, one of her lifelong dreams is being answered – she will finally be a grandmother. Maybe I’ll it slide. This time. Maybe.



  1. First of all, your mom's blog IS hilarious, you're right. Just remember there's a baby in that FUPA love... it's OK! :)
    PS- I promise not to awkwardly gawk at your stomach when I see you in April... but I reserve permission to ask to touch it :)

  2. "a baby in that FUPA love" Rebecca, you are a romantic mess. BTW, you can touch my tummy in April, if you feel so inclined.