Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well Traveled Baby

Tomorrow, Neal and I will be flying to Austin, TX to meet up with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend for a family friend’s wedding. I’m really excited because I’ve seen Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth, but have never been to Austin. It got me thinking about all the places that Baby Neal has been to, and he doesn’t even know it yet!

Neal and I love to see new places when we can, and we’ve traveled a lot in the last 5.5 months. So far Baby Neal has walked the streets of Atlanta, seen the bright lights of Las Vegas, obviously done the Nashville scene and will now add the great state of Texas to his travel resume. He’s one well-traveled baby!

Several people have suggested that I start a photo album for the baby, which I haven’t yet, but I’ve already thought of some good “chapters” for the book. I have photos of us in all the places we’ve traveled to since pregnant, a before (and soon to be after) photo of his nursery and baby Neal’s “first photo” (ultrasound.) I suppose I’ll start those dreaded baby belly progression photos too. (However, they will NOT be posted on Facebook, so don’t even ask!!)

In any case, send up prayers for our safe travels to Austin. Also, keep in mind my friend Andrew and his soon-to-be wife, Becky, as they start their married life together. It feels like yesterday that Neal and I said, “I Do” and I just love weddings because it reminds me of the day I married Neal and all the abundant blessings we’ve received since then.

Baby Neal is one lucky (and loved) baby!


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