Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pink or Blue?! I'll tell you!

Just when I start to get used to the sensations of hearing our baby’s heartbeat at each appointment, I’m hit with another amazing experience in my pregnancy. I’m still in awe, even as I write this.

Today, Neal and I found out just what lil’ Niblet is. Most of my blog readers are also friends with me on Facebook, so if you haven’t seen it already, know that Neal and I are proud parents to be of a beautiful, healthy baby BOY!!

We are so incredibly thrilled. I’ve been saying all along that it’s a boy. I couldn’t tell you why I thought that, but it was just a… feeling. And I was right! (Phew! Maybe I DO have some bit of maternal instinct after all!)

Up until the very minute before our ultrasound, I kept asking Neal for his prediction. He never changed his answer: “Healthy” he would say. But I saw the look on my husbands face today when the tech pointed out the unmistakable mark of manhood. He was so proud, so happy. When we had a moment to ourselves, we talked about the outcome and he shared with me that he didn’t want to jinx it, but secretly he wanted a boy. I knew either way Neal would be happy, but I also knew deep down that this man’s man should have a boy. And for that, I’m ecstatic.

Following our appointment, a round of phone calls and texts were made. As you can imagine, all the grandparents are just happy as can be. A grandson! The first born grandchild. This baby is already so loved, unlike anything I’ve ever loved before. I can’t tell you how incredibly lucky this baby will be to be surrounded by such loving family. It is a journey that I can’t wait to start!

Stay tuned – there’s more to come on my thoughts of being the mother of a son!


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