Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Neal [?] Harris V

Lord, I had no idea how much drama went into naming a child.

Neal and I had agreed on a boy and girl name, even before we found out we were expecting. It never crossed my mind that people would feel the need to give their unsolicited suggestion for a name or even have the audacity to voice their opinion on our stated choice. But it happens. So to spare any more drama and name suggestions, we’ve decided to share baby Neal’s middle name.


Neal Michael Harris V (the fifth)

My husband and I were really happy with our choice. We knew we wanted a saint’s name for baby Neal’s middle name, but along with a strong meaning, it had to sound right with his first name, too. Michael is not necessairily a family name for us, but it does have some special significance.  

The primary reason we chose Michael is because of St. Michael the Archangel 

In the Catholic faith, St. Michael is the patron saint of Police Officers. Neal has a St. Michael medallion that was given to him by his father with the police officers prayer engraved on the back and I’ve always admired it. So we felt that St. Michael, who was the leader of the good angels in the fight between and heaven and hell, would be an appropriate saint to watch over our first born child.

St. Michael Police Medallion
On a lighter note, Michael is also the name of some our favorite people.

For instance, my husband has always loved the great Michael Jackson. Neal has been perfecting his own moonwalk for years and even showed it off at our wedding.
The late great Michael Jackson

Neal's version of the Moonwalk at our wedding.

I, on the other hand, adore the loveable boss from NBC’s “The Office,” Michael Scott.
The loveable boss, Michael Scott from "The Oriface." (That's what he said.)

So yeah, silly as it may be, there’s a lot of special stuff behind the name Michael. But say what you will, we couldn’t think of a more perfect name!

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