Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Boy Harris

A lot of you have asked questions about the name “Niblet.” Most of you say:
1 – WTF is a Niblet?
2 – Where did you come up with this name?

I couldn’t answer either question, to be honest. I just wanted something cute to call the baby besides the obvious “Peanut” or “Bean.” When I started looking at early pregnancy pictures, I saw one lil’ fetus and excitedly exclaimed, “Look at that lil’ Niblet!” And it just kind of stuck.

No, I didn’t name my baby after corn. On that note, please do not refer to my baby as something that can be eaten. Disturbing.

Now that we know “it” is a “he,” I guess its only right to tell you his true name. For now, I will share with you that his name is Neal. It was easy.
Neal (?) Harris V
(We’ll share the middle name in time.) My husband Neal is the fourth, and so it’s only right to name our first son Neal, as its tradition on his side. And because many of you will ask, yes, he will go by “Neal.”

When I first met my husband, I was confused as to how both he and his father went by the same name, but he always said there was an obvious difference in the tone of his mother’s voice, a difference that made it clear who she was calling for. (Although to this day she still calls my husband “Neal Joseph.”) J

I think it will take some getting used to calling my husband and my son the same name. Although truthfully, I rarely call Neal by his name – it’s always some variation like Nealy or a Southern take on his name, Nealy Jo. (He’s from New York originally, so I think its fitting to give him a good Southern sounding, double name.) And NO, you will never hear me use the phrase “Hubby” or whatever. But I guess this may be the time to start calling him “Dad” too.

We’ll let yall know the middle name when Neal and I can agree on when to release it. J


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