Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Austin Memories

Neal and I joined my entire family in Austin, Texas last weekend for the wedding celebration of a god family friend, Andrew. (Note to self: Add a star to the great state of Texas to notate that Baby Neal has in fact visited.)

The wedding was beautiful. It was very personalized to the styling of the couple and reflected their personalities really well. They are a well-liked couple so there were a lot of younger folks there which made for a really fun and entertaining reception. The music selection was planned out perfectly and there was never a dull moment on the dance floor. We were right up front and had a good view of the craziness taking place. Because of my swollen “hoofs,” as my brother so lovingly put it, I didn’t dance a lot. Neal and I got a few good slow songs in, but my pregnant ass just couldn’t keep up those crazy kids.

But with all the excitement of the surroundings, the music, and the abundance of really awesome cake, Baby Neal REALLY enjoyed himself. I could just feel him dancing and moving and shaking all night long. As a matter of fact, he never stopped. After a long night, we arrived back to our hotel, with take-out cake in hand. I laid down, propped up my feet and partook in the cake (again.) Baby Neal must really like wedding cake (or was on an insane sugar rush) because he started practicing his dance moves again. Being completely relaxed, I looked down and noticed movement through my pj’s. I couldn’t believe it. I sat there are just stared at my belly and once again saw my belly jump in reaction to his kicks. To add to the theme of the day, I once again, started blubbering crying. I called Neal in right away so he could witness the movement and he actually got to feel Baby Neal kick. He just laid there with his hand on my tummy, feeling all the little movements that Baby Neal produced.

Honestly, that moment ranks right up there with seeing his heart beat for the first time. I’ll never forget it.

The weekend was fabulous. How could it not be? Good friends. Good food. An amazing celebration of love. And life. I’ll never forget it!

More details to follow on our trip to Austin. So stay tuned…



  1. I demand that you put pictures up... they don't have to be belly shots... I just need wedding shots :-)

  2. I just realized I could post comments on here. Man do I feel old not figuring that put sooner. All this time I thought of such great comments to say and couldn't say them. I will blame it on the baby brain. Anyhow...isnt the movement amazing?!? I never get tired of it even when she keeps me up! I am glad you had a great visit. I agree with Megan. You should post some photos. I would love to see some of the excitement!

  3. I was clicking around and found your blog. Like the Austin and wedding props, double like for baby Harris groovin' in Austin! It was an amazing weekend for Andrew and I to have you all there - especially you singing Ave Maria (ahem, Miss Humble didn't mention that in the above post). Hope the pregnancy continues to be amazing!