Monday, April 25, 2011


Lately, it’s consumed my mind of what baby Neal will look like. We had a wonderful profile shot from our last ultrasound that I could just stare at for days on end. He just looks perfect to me!
(The only thing I can’t figure out is that lil’ button nose he has going on.)

But Neal and I are always talking about what he’ll be like…
Will he be born with his daddy’s big blue eyes or big brown ones like me?
Will he be as big as I’ve dreamt in my recent nightmares and completely skip the 0-3mos baby clothes?
Will be have big ole lips like his momma?
There’s a lot of talk of a possible “Ginger Baby” (another name for a red headed baby) because Neal was born with flaming red hair and on St. Patrick’s Day no less! And while his hair has turned to a dirty blonde with age, his sideburns are just as auburn as can be, as well as his facial hair when it grows out a little.

But more so than that, what will he BE like?

Neal said he was very shy as a small child, which doesn’t surprise me because he’s such a quiet, observant man. I remember being so confused after our first date because I felt like I did most of the talking and I honestly thought he didn’t like me. But I’ve come to realize that its just part of his amazing personality. He’s a great listener and his cool, calm demeanor has really helped to balance my much more opposite traits. But as a child, Neal said he didn’t make a lot of noise and wouldn’t necessarily talk to strangers.

I, on the other hand, was a big ham. It helped that I resembled a big baby doll, but mom said I would just eat it up when people would pay any attention to me – like lil’ old granny’s in the grocery store isle that would pinch my chubby cheeks. That led to me giving nightly choreographed concerts on the coffee table like a lil’ diva and then developing some diva like traits such as an attitude and a certain bossy tone. Ironically though, with age I’ve calmed down quite a bit and some might consider me to be a bit on the shy side.

So will Baby Neal have those traits? Do we have any control over those kinds of things? I’m not sure, but until then we are anxiously awaiting his arrival into this world and feel that no matter what he’ll be like in the end… he’ll fit right in. Just fine.


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