Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Po Po

Back before we knew what Baby Harris would be, most of my girlfriends kept wishing a little girl upon us. I think it’s because most girls grow up playing with dolls - dressing them, fixing their hair, “mothering” to an extent. And now we’re in our mid to late 20’s and we see having baby girls as having a real life baby doll. A perfect little girl to dress up and tote around in pinks and purples.

In thinking back, I never really played with dolls growing up. I can remember having one Cabbage Patch “Preemie” baby doll whose soft plastic head smelled like baby powder and he was smaller than most Cabbage Patch dolls. That’s the only doll I consciously remember taking care of, and most of the time he was naked. (Or ‘nekked’ as we say in Tennessee.) I hope that’s not a testament to my maternal instinct….

But who’s to say that you can’t have fun dressing baby boys?? I haven’t purchased a lot of clothes for Baby Neal, because I’m afraid he’s going to be a massive child and be born wearing toddler clothes. But I did buy one lil outfit!

My husband Neal is a police detective, and he loves his job. That’s one thing that I absolutely loved (and envied at times) about Neal. When we first met, I was slaving away at Nissan and hating every minute of it. He was working longer hours than me, and never complained about it. His eyes light up when he talks about his job. As many horrible things as he may encounter and deal with, he still loves what he does. And if you ask him, he’s always known what he wanted to be when he “grew up.”
My husband, Neal, as a baby wearing his dad's policeman hat.

I surprised Neal with the cute lil’ baby PoPo outfit and he loved it. It’s a possible Halloween costume contender... if the baby can even fit into it by October! I bought it in a 3-6mos. size and hopefully it’ll slip right on. But even if it doesn’t, this is probably the outfit he’ll wear when he goes to meet Neal’s co-workers for the first time.

I can’t wait!!!

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