Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Registry - Round Two

How can one little person need so much?

We started our baby registry at Babies R’ Us a few weeks ago. And in my usual style, I had to go home and take a nap halfway through it. (And that was after sitting in those amazing rocker gliders for a while in the store.) I got overwhelmed with all the brands, the choices, colors, stuff. You name it. I felt under prepared to be honest, so we’ve taken the last few weeks to research things better so we make sure to choose the right items and brands for our family.

We also registered at Target last week. That wasn’t so bad, although I think most non-mom’s will turn their nose up at my list. If you’re accustomed to looking at wedding registries and then pull up a baby registry, prepare to be grossed out. When you register for a wedding, it would be really inappropriate to register for KY jelly. (Right?) But when you’ve got a baby on the way, it’s totally okay to register for nipple cream, petroleum jelly and Boudreaux’s butt crème.

My, my, my….how the tables have turned.

We will probably finish up the Babies R Us registry this weekend and that will be a big step for us. But I know there are “showers” in the future, and I already have people asking me about the registry. My goal is to finish this weekend and then run my list by some seasoned moms to find out what to take off. Which is probably quite a bit. We ended up scanning things because they “sounded good” but whether or not they’ll be used in the long run is a different question and one I have no idea about.

On a fun note, I finally found some bedding that I love and ordered it. It should get here in a few day and then we can match our paint and get going on the nursery. I’ve taken a very scary “before” picture of the office/man room and it will be huge shock to see the “after” picture once we get it all done.



  1. Note to Jenn: You won't have to take stuff off....we'll know not to get you something that you won't use :)

  2. I can't wait to see what the nursery looks like!!
    Oh, and keep all the gift receipts, if you get'em. We took back things we thought we'd need that we definitely hadn't used by the time Timmy was three months old.