Monday, February 7, 2011

Where have the years gone?

On Sunday I celebrated my 29th Birthday. I was just saying that it feels like yesterday I was celebrating my “sweet 16,” the big 21st Birthday and even my “Quarter Life Crisis B-day (25.)” Now I’m looking 30 in the face, but it’s been neat to reflect on where I was at every Birthday and all the days in between.

As usual, Facebook filled my wall with love yesterday, another reason FB is so addicting. I love it! I noticed several people, particularly moms, would say, “Happy Birthday Jenn! Enjoy your last Bday that’s all about you!” Or “Just think, next year you’ll have a lil’ baby celebrating too!” Neal and I did the quick math and figured Baby Niblet would be roughly 7 months old by my next Birthday. CRAZY!!! I can’t even imagine a newborn baby in our lives, let alone a 7 month old!

I’ve gotten used to sharing my Birthday with the Super Bowl every few years. (I like to pretend that all these people are eating, drinking and celebrating in my honor.) Now that’s nothing when I think about having a baby to help celebrate it next year. Neal and I daydreamed yesterday and having a Birthday dinner and pulling up a high chair for our first baby to join in. I suppose I can’t enjoy Birthday cake without having a baby play in the frosting. (Good photo op, too!)

It’s amazing to think how much our life will change by my next Birthday. But we’ve got Neal’s big 30th coming up on Saint Patrick’s Day, so we’ve got a little more celebrating left to do before Baby Niblet shares the spotlight!


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