Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy Dreams

My mom claims from the second day home from the hospital that I slept soundly through the night. If that’s true, it’s something I’ve been blessed with all my life. I’m an 8 hour of sleep a night kind of girl, always have been. I’m the party pooper because I can’t stay up past 10 to save my life. I fall asleep before midnight every New Years Eve, and I’m up at 6am with the best of them.

Earlier in my pregnancy there were nights that I was in bed by 8pm and even after 11 hours of sleep, it never felt enough. In the last week or two, I’ve felt my sleep patterns start to adjust a little. I’ve been waking up at 2 or 3am, wide awake. Most of the time it’s my husband that wakes me either by his incessant snoring or asking me if I’m ok. And usually it’s a resounding no.

I have been haunted by the most ridiculous dreams. Some are so real and vivid. Some include people I know well or just stalk on Facebook. Some are just odd and some are really disturbing. (I don’t share the disturbing ones because I don’t think this old friend of mine wants to know that I dreamt of her in a coma last night. Hell of a way to spark up a conversation.) Some are just flat out scary. Mom always said that “dreams are only interesting to the one that had them.” I try to remember that, but some stick with me and I insist on sharing them.

Like last night.

I dreamt Neal and I were walking through MTSU’s campus at night. All of a sudden I see this half horse and half lion puppy. It was oddly cute so we went up to pet it and then heard this huge roar! We turn around and see a full grown half horse half lion being ridden by a crazed knight aiming at us with a bow and arrow. We were running all over campus, though every building trying to warn people to stay inside and hide from this odd creature. I recall every building we were in… my dorm freshman year. Peck hall. The gym where I took a water aerobics class. It was so vivid, it felt real. I woke myself up in fear and I can’t get the vision of this horse lion, arrow shooting man.

Anyways, I wish the dreams would go away. They put a cramp in sleep cycle and I’d like to enjoy sleep before a baby comes into the world. But I hear it only gets worse from here. So who knows.


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