Monday, January 3, 2011

Thank You!

So again, I want to say a special THANK YOU to our friends and family who have had such kind things to say this last week. I also want to give a special shout out to you women who have shared me with your horror stories of pregnancy. My sleepless nights and I thank you greatly. Haha!

It’s been a huge relief to me to be able to share our news officially. I’m pretty sure my mom thought I was dying for a while there, so I was relieved to tell her. The first trimester has been rough at times, with the normal ailments of early pregnancy. One thing I didn’t expect was for my migraines to kick up again.

I’ve always had migraines and they were usually stress induced. For instance, when I worked at Nissan’s corporate headquarters, I had them 1-2 times a month. After I left Nissan, they miraculously went away. I had one or two with the wedding planning process, but that’s about it. Since I found I was pregnant, they started popping up more due to these pesky hormones. Since I cant take my normal medication, my doctor prescribed something for me to take that should help.

As you can imagine, the grandmothers-to-be are just as excited. Well, almost as excited! Baby Niblet will be the first grandchild for both of our parents, so it is sure to be one spoiled lil’ baby! I think the grandfathers-to-be need a little more time for it to settle in. As a whole, men are more “visual” creatures, so I’m not even sure that it will settle in until they get to actually hold the baby. Then they’ll probably be the biggest of the blubberers!

As I mentioned, July 30th is the current due date. I know that’ll be here before I know it. (I can hardly believe its 2011 now!) I do have major anxiety thinking about being huge pregnant in the middle of a Tennessee summer. I don’t deal well with the heat under normal conditions, so I know Neal will require a prayer or two when the temps start creeping up again. Our home is an ice-box, even now and I like it that way. I’m pretty sure Neal will be wearing fleece in June. I’m getting hot flashes just thinking about it.

Oh may the Lord be with us! J


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  1. Don't ya just love the women that have horror stories to share with newly pregnant women!? I mean, c'mon, everyone is different and everyone handles things differently! My favorite was when older women asked how much I had gained and then told me how little they had gained (and then added that I had better slow down!)...wait for it Jen. Sadly, nothing is off-limits when you are pregnant! Try to take what those less-than-tactful women say with a grain of salt...