Monday, January 17, 2011

Sea (band) Sick

One lovely side of early pregnancy is ‘morning sickness.’ (Which is a horrible way at disguising ‘all-day sickness’ in my case. Well, on most days anyways.) In the last month or so, it has really picked up, so I’ve reached out to other mom’s for what worked for them – remedies such as keeping ginger ale and saltines by the bed. But here are some other “natural remedies” I’ve tried that have had some postive effects.

Preggie Pops
Several people suggested these to me. I kept thinking they were popsicles, but they’re actual hard candies in varying flavors that have natural nausea subduing ingredients (ie, ginger.) They’re all natural and pretty tasty. If I fed one to Neal, who refuses to try them, he probably couldn’t tell the difference between those and other candies. They were a little hard to stomach at first because during my pregnancy, I haven’t wanted anything to do with sweets. Which is soooo unlike me and a little frustrating at times. I’ve never known my self to pass up brownies and cookies, but they do nothing for me anymore. But even when I did love sweet, I’ve never been much of a candy person, so it’s taken some adjustment.

These can be purchased at Motherhood stores or Babies R Us for about $4.95 a box.

Sea BandsI had never heard of these before, but again they were a natural remedy that other moms have sworn by. They’re based off the ancient Chinese principle of acupressure - effectively acupuncture without needles! (Score!)

It works by applying continuous pressure on the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) point on each wrist using a plastic stud. It came with instructions on how to find this spot on your own wrists. If you read about it, studies have shown that the women in the trial who used acupressure had suffered significantly less nausea and vomiting than those who didn't. You wear them on each wrist whenever you feel nauseous. It claims that it’s discreet and its one size fits all, but that’s questionable. I cant wear them for too long because I’m “big boned” (aka, I have fat wrists and they push a little on them.)

So, these are a few things that I think have helped. It could be mind over matter, but whatever helps, I’ll try. My nausea is getting better slowly and I’m hoping now that I’m in the 2nd trimester that it will go away all together. I can tell you this part has been NO fun!

Any other ideas yall might have?


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