Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleep lil' baby....

I work for the local RE/MAX office in Hendersonville. After leaving Nissan and being unemployed for several months, this job just kinda fell into my lap and has been one of the biggest blessings for us. Having this job allows me to stay in Hendersonville and get to know this city and the people in it, even better. I work for two very successful real estate agents who have taught me a lot in the last nine months. They’re been incredibly generous and understanding, now that we have a baby on the way, which is an answered prayer. Another perk is that I have Hendersonville’s newest home listings at my fingertips.

Neal purchased his home before we even met, and it’s a lovely first home. But even for two people, it feels we’re busting out of the seams at times. We had hoped to put the house on the market in the Spring, but with a baby due in the Summer, it seems unlikely. Who’s to say that our house would sell fast? And what if it did? I can’t fathom packing and moving TWICE being 7, 8 or 9 months pregnant, so we’ve decided to hold off until its better timing for our family.

So with that decision, we’ve decided to make some updates to our home that will only help when we sell. We just got a new roof, replaced and extended the back deck and we’re getting new carpet and paint. What used to be Neal’s office (which over time has become the “junk room” – hey, every home has one) will now be converted to a nursery.
That’s right folks. Neal has to move that bulky gun safe, the signed baseballs and his beloved autographed Playboy magazine. It’s one of those unfortunate cons of growing up. J

We’ve decided to paint the nursery a neutral green, in case God plans on playing any more jokes on me. If it’s a girl, we’ll decorate with girlish (purple or pink - my vote is for purple!) accents. If it’s a boy, we’ll decorate with blue accents. Either way, we like the idea of a mural painted on the wall. Here are a few ideas I've come across that I like…

 (A girl's room, obviously.)
(A fun boys room. I like the idea of a "monkey" theme. But its still early to decide.)
(This one is kind of gender neutral. But I'm still saving it. We like the dark nursery furniture, too!)


  1. I love the monkey theme! (not to toot my own horn or anything: But I especially LOVE the idea of a simple/classic mural on the wall. Kinda spices things up and makes it your own. Have you ever seen the decale people use? I have one of a cherry blossom limb decal above my bathtub (here I go tootin' again...not the best picture now that I reflect!
    I love the decals b/c they look like they are painted on but completely removable and won't have to be sanded like paint if you change the wall)

    Some ideas :) Oh let the fun begin!!

  2. I like the last one. I have an old blog with lots of nursery pics you can look at. Quite a few are neutral.

  3. Jenn- Have you seen Hannah's room? Green (boy or girl green) with monkeys!!! We HAVE got to chat soon :)