Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Registry

Neal and I have visited the local Babies ‘R” Us. Twice. Each time I had to come home and take a nap. Though too early to register, we go to purchase my “Preggie Pops” to help combat the nausea. But while we’re there we like to peruse the furniture to get an idea of what we like. Most of the time, we end up sitting and talking in the rocker glider chairs.

(Oh yes, one of those will be mine!)

It feels like we were just registering for wedding gifts and while that was a bit much at times, at least I had a decent idea of what we needed for our home. But even then, I had to take my mom back for a 2nd run because I apparently don’t cook and don’t know what I truly need for this barren wasteland of a kitchen. I’m thinking I will need to bring a younger friend (who has already reproduced) with us when we register for Baby Niblet.

So far the easy stuff is picked out – like the furniture. It’s the accessories we don’t know crap about. The best kinds of strollers, pumps, toys, bottles, etc.

(Ummm, scary! Looks like some freaky sex device!)

I can just see us registering for things we don’t need, but don’t know any better.

For instance, when Neal saw one of these three-wheeled activity strollers, he immediately started day-dreaming about running while pushing the baby along one of Hendersonville’s green ways. Endearing, but we don’t run now. We play Frisbee, fish, walk the trails and play tennis. But we don’t go “running.” When I told my mom about Neal’s fascination with this “toy,” she burst into laughter. Apparently we won’t have time for these types of activities when babies come along. Pfff!

I just know that Neal has already agreed to tote the baby around in one of these awesome things. I giggle every time I think about it!

So yeah, sometime after March 9th (the big 20 week appointment) we’ll start putting more effort into this registry. And then all you moms can go online and critique my “first time mom list of things I think I need.”

Report back to me. And often.



  1. Some (unsolicited) advice that someone gave to me that was helpful: check out other first time moms registries. I, too, had NO CLUE what to register for at first! If you have any specific questions message me...I have done a TON of research on ConsumerReports on car seats, strollers, breast pumps, etc...

  2. WIPE WARMER. Best gift ever. I always give it to my prego friends, btw... :) That way if you have to do a 2 am changing, the baby isn't shocked awake by a freezing cold, wet wipe!

  3. I totally disagree with the lovely Rebecca! Freezing cold, wet wipes gives your baby the incentive to sleep through the night. He/She will think "Hey waking up for a warm wipe on my patootie is a great idea".

  4. I went to a shower this weekend and as a mom of two I saw this as a great hostess idea and registry idea for the mom that even another expecting mom gathered a copy....Each mother in the room, no matter age....(grandmothers to expectants) wrote one thing down they could not live without...AND one piece of advice they wish they had. I wish someone thought of this for me!

  5. All of these are great suggestions! I don't have a wipes warmer for Timmy, but I've taken care of kiddos who have used them. Looking at other moms' registries is a fantastic idea!
    I found there was a lot of stuff I didn't use like a bottle warmer and those bottles with the drop-in liners. Those were both things I registered for that went back so I could buy stuff we'd use.
    There were things I didn't register for - like nursing pads (yeah, you need them even if you don't nurse) and milk-collecting bags - that became staples on our regular shopping lists.
    I got a lot of advice from cousins who were mamas two or three times over about any and everything - so invaluable!
    My advice is don't be afraid to ask friends about things like pumps (get a Medela!), diapers (don't by the Member's Mark ones at Sam's), clothing (hand-me-downs from Carter's are not the same size as brand new ones, even if they're the same month!), bottles (we used the parts from the hospital for the longest time) etc.
    Also, be sure to keep posted about any recalls. The store should be good about removing any recalled merchandise. It's annoying when you register for something that's recalled months later.