Monday, January 31, 2011

Taco Hell

Every day, I discover new things that pregnancy does to my mind and body.

Case in point.

My beloved sweet tooth has disappeared. While cakes, cookies, brownies and such may LOOK good, there’s just not a bone in my body that wants to eat them. Instead, I have taken a stronger liking to things like spicy food. This is a radical change for me.

I find myself craving ridiculous things like Mexican cheese dip, peppers and even worse, Taco Bell.

I know, right? Who eats that crap?

Ironically, this week I saw on the news where a group of people in Alabama are suing Taco Bell for claiming their “Beef Tacos” are just that, when in fact the “beef” is really a combination of highly seasoned meat-like fillers. Gross. What’s even more disgusting is that I sat there and watched the entire story and then had Taco Bell for dinner the other night.

I haven’t had a hot dog in probably 20 years for that exact reason. I vividly recall someone telling me what hot dogs were really made of and it sickened me to my core. Now, as a level-headed, educated, intelligent adult, I chose to eat Taco Bell, knowing way too much of what was really in that taco.

What is this baby doing to me?!

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