Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Neal Update

Okay, so I think it’s safe to say that I’ve failed my blog while transitioning to my new job as a “Stay at Home Mom.”  I thought I’d be updating on a daily basis, because I feel there’s so much to say at this point, but who knew this lil’ baby, who hasn’t even entered the world, would keep me so busy!

I had my last appointment on Wednesday and the doctor immediately noticed that I had “dropped.” I kind of laughed, because people have been asking me if I’ve dropped and I give them the same “WTF?” face that I give to people who ask about my mucus plug. Well, now I can say, yes, he has dropped.

For those of you who are not well versed in the world of pregnancy terms (myself included), dropping or “lightening” happens late in the pregnancy and describes when the baby is settling deeper in the pelvis, another sign that labor is on the way. This has been a welcome event for me, because Baby Neal has been sitting so high that it’s made me short of breath in even the slightest of activities and my heart burn was daily and in some cases pretty severe and uncomfortable. Now that he’s a little lower, I’ve noticed some good changes in those issues. Now I’m just dealing with extra pressure on my bladder.

Also, my doctor said that I have dilated 1 centimeter, so and for all intents and purposes, everything looks good. The due date is still July 30th, but she’s comfortable if he comes anytime before then or even two weeks after that date. Just in case, we set an induction date of August 8th. I can’t imagine waiting that long, but its there as an option.

I ask for your continued prayers and support as we enter this last phase of pregnancy. In particular, the heat has been really difficult to deal with. Yall know I hate summer under normal conditions, so with this horrible heat wave, it’s been really uncomfortable to deal with. But I swear it feels like yesterday that I was just announcing to the world that we were expecting. And now here I am in the final stages and in complete shock that in a matter of days (or weeks) we will have a lil’ baby in this home. Neal and I are so very thankful for all the support we’ve received – from the baby showers, to the sweet notes and everything in between.

I’ve said it before that Baby Neal is one lucky baby. Already. But really, I feel like Neal and I are truly the luckiest.
Here’s to new changes, new life and new experiences!

Love, Jenn

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