Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a wonderful world

Thinking about the arrival of Baby Neal brings alot of different feelings. I feel overwhelmed with joy and excitment, but with that also comes some anxiety of how much our lives are about to change - in all ways. But even when I think about that, nothing compares to what the baby will go through.

Have you ever thought about what birth is like for the actual baby?

For the last 39 weeks, Baby Neal has been in a dark, warm space. He's fed when he wants, he sleeps at will, it's comfy in there, he can practice acrobatics all day. He has no idea that in a matter of days or weeks that he will be ripped from the only home he's known and brought into a bright world with massive versions of himself staring at him all day. The muffled voices he's heard since conception will now have a face. But he doesnt even know what a face is! And thats one thing I find really facinating about newborns.

Everything I've read says that for the first few weeks, the baby doesnt need rattles and colors and toys. They focus on faces and intently at that. It's just hard to imagine whats going through their little minds. So when I think about our first day with Baby Neal, it probably wont compare to his first experience with us. (Good thing my husband looks like a giant baby in the face, so he'll be in good and like company!)

UPDATE:  We had another appointment yesterday morning that included an ultrasound. The ultrasound shows that everything is normal and seemingly healthy. Baby Neal, once again, proved to be camera shy and kept his little hand balled up over his face, so we couldnt get a good profile picture. He's estimated to be about 8.1 pounds, give or take half a pound. He's still very active and seems to be comfortable in there. My doctor is still good with an induction date of August 8th but we're hoping he makes his own way out before then! The actual due date (7/30) is fast approaching, but I'm keeping faith that he'll come with the time is right. :)


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