Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I wonder....

One of the biggest things on my mind (aside from the fear of the unknown with my impending labor and delivery) is what this little baby boy will look like. Especially in the last few months it has consumed my mind on a daily basis.

Will he look just like his daddy, or his mom? Or will he be a perfect mix?
Will he have my brown eyes or will Neal's baby blues win out? (My vote is for big blue eyes!)
My husband was born a red head (on St. Patrick's Day no less.) Will Baby Neal be a ginger too?
Just some of many questions....

I know he'll be beautiful, no matter what, but I cant help but wonder what this little life we've created together will look like.
I've never "seen" him. I haven't heard his cries. I'm not even sure how big he is. But I love him already. It's a feeling I cant describe. I've already gotten to know this little baby over the last 38.5 weeks through his little jabs of love (I hope!) and all the fun and not so fun things he's put me through. Its so weird to think that in a matter of days or weeks that I'll finally be able to put a face with this little baby I've been sharing my body and life with for these last 9 months.

I'm anxiously and eagerly awaiting Baby Neal Michael's arrival. I think the three of us have no idea what to expect of each other, but I can tell you this... he is totally loved already and there's alot more where that came from!


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