Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pregnancy Parody

Tina Fey, quite possibly one of the funniest women today, hosted this weeks Saturday Night Live. Being tired and very pregnant, I tried my hardest to stay up for the entire show. I won’t lie, I only made it about 20 minutes in. But I like to think I saw one of the best parts.

Tina Fey was doing her SNL intro and she was showing off one of those sickeningly perfectly round baby bumps.

Sidenote: I was just having a break down this morning to my husband because I noticed a few small, red stretch marks appearing. I started freaking out. I don’t want these things. All these famous women have perfectly round, gleaming bellies. Show me one famous person with stretch marks on their bellies?! SHOW ME!!

Moving on…

Tina brought out Maya Rudolph, who is also very pregnant and has one of those magazine pregnant bellies. They greeted each other by saying:

Maya:  “Hi Tina, thanks for having me”
Tina: “Yeah, that’s what the baby will be saying!”

They then burst into song about their unborn children. This video is a must see. (The song starts about 1:50 into it.) I hope you’ll laugh as much as I did. Pregnant or not!

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